Wednesday, August 4, 2010

reveiw on the red pyramid by rick riordan

yh i knw someone who does'nt even like rock riordan,and she says she loves it,and everyone beleives her.....what does she think she's cool or something?She goes around saying "ooh,PWETTY" in a stupid childish voice and ofcourse,everyone like ALMOST literally falls at her she will read this so she need not be told it is she who i am referring to as she....ok,now back to biz here is my review of the red pyramid

(light, VERY light spoliers)
what did i like?
the mix of two races,and the fact that sadie and carter were less-than-alike,and still got along fine

2)the zia,carter,sadie,anubis thing...athough I'm way more interested in the sadie anubis thing,considering anubis is like,a 5000 year old god(so..if they have kids,it'll be like a demi-god and they can start their own egyptian camp-half-blood)

3)the when amos looks across the brooklyn river and talks about OTHER gods...yes.the greek ones in the empire state building.

4)BAST!omg i would love for my non-existent-even-though-i-want-one-really-badly-but-my-dad-says-no-to cat to turn into a lady with a leapord printed pant suit and glowing yellow eyes.....yes,the eyes are MUCH cooler than the Loser-twilight vampire eyes...YEAH!bast is my favourite charecter

yes,we know anubis is a edward-cullen-wannabe BUT only by the appearance,aand only partly,the dead-but-not-really-dead-guy with pale skin and perfectly wild hair........WHAT IS IT WITH TWEENS AND DEAD GUYS THESE DAYS?
but ofcourse dear mr.cullen can't transform into a totally cool black jackal like dog can he?and i'm pretty sure he aint no greek god either..welll,egyptian but whatever.
Anubis DOES have an amazing personality,but his effect on sadie is just SAD..
however he might just be my second favourite charecter right now

6)the medley of greek and egypt
yes,this sounds weird but read it and u'll notice things

7)the references to eragon A HELL A LOT OF EM!!!!!!OMG!

1)it did'nt reach expectations ,not that i blame expectations were inhumanly high after reading percyjackson.

sooooooyeah it ranks a 4.5 outta 5 and yes i m obsessed with it though pj is always my fav and not HERS

Friday, July 30, 2010

straicase snores

you are truly heartless if you think this puupy aint cute.
the puppy thinks that sleeping on the starcase is a good idea,it turns out to be a challenge

Bathtub dog

i know i did video in one of my previous blogs,but hey, i still love it!

the day we become mindless...

yeah,do birthday's lose their excitement eventually...does this happen to everyone?
i mean,it happened to me.Mine is tommorow and it tottaly sucks.
Seriously, I'm totally dreaded the moment when i wake up and i find my parents looking down on me with a big goofy grin,going happy birthday.I can't exactly tell them to go away and leave me to my mourning can I?

a contest-When was the day you wokeup to realise your birthday excitement was gone?
if you still have the feeling,good for you.But for those don't,go ahead and give it a try,NOT more than 50 words.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

no sleeeppp

ok,yeah,i suck at math....but most of us do anyway.
of course,not everybody has their math mid-terms tomorrow.Not everyone stays up all night like an insomniac just because they needed to finish math.Not everyone waits till 10pm to start their studying.and, whoa-oh not everyone wastes their time browsing the net all day and creating a blog with about only 200 readers on it....
hey,you do the math(no pun intended),I'm the only one who does all the crazyness listed above^^^^

and y'know what?200 aint that bad...considering its only the first day......
yeah,OK MAYBE i did a LITTLE bit of advertising but, whatever.

I am bored to death,actually im probably beyond death by now,a zombie me someone!!!

EDIT:yes, i pu the cheese in the labels randomely


hi i'm newyorkbubbles, an author of this blog.
i'm a freelance journalist too.
there are 3 writers for this blog at the moment.
Me,my freind dipi and the admin - broccolihatergirl
ok,so we'll keep you updated and just hope you'll enjoy our blog :)

the guy who wanted a horse

A guy needed a horse,but he was too poor,so he went to the temple to get one.The preist gave him one and said that it was a special would only go if a person said thank god,and only stop if a person said amen.The guy thanked the preist and rode off,while riding he fell asleep on his horse.A few hours later,he woke up and saw the horse riding towards a clif.HE SHHOUTED AMENNN! and the horse stopped a few inches from the egde.he breathed a sigh of releif and said "thank god". :D